The history of the castle of Veulen (

The old history of the Castle of Veulen is still a mystery. To keep up with needs and fashion the castle has been altered continually. Therefore it is difficult to draw a conclusion on the basis of the style of the castle.

The recent restoration give some answer to that question. For instance, the towers were built far after completion of the main building. The main gate (date of the escutcheon above the gate: 1747) was not always present. In the centre of the main building an inner wall was in the past an outer wall. The escutchion in the left tower dated 1669, was afterwards fixed and seems to be from the water mill of Broekom. De roof construction is dated from the 15th century and other construction are even older.

Archives should be searched. However, many archives are to be done and many documents are situated in several places in Europe.

Probably during the Middle Ages the castle consisted of a few fortified buildings around a courtyard. A part of the right wing and of the front are presumably dated from that time. An important restoration phase is from the end of the 15th or 16th century. The front part was transformed into a manor. The castle then got his present form without the towers and the asymmetric placed gate. They are from the 18th century. During these days the cross windows were replaced with larger windows and the interior was completely transformed. The ceiling and the floor of the middle part were lowered to hide the beams from view (date wallpaper: 1789). In 1880 the rooms on the ground floor were adapted to the trend of that time and were transformed into a Neoclassical style. In 1910 a gallery was built on the courtyard at the back of the main building (see Bart VAN LOON en André IMPENS, Historische nota, 2001, 5-6).

Since 1960 the castle and the park are listed as a historic monument.

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