The Castle of Veulen (Belgium) (Dutch version)

The Castle of Veulen lies in the village of Veulen, 45 minutes drive from Brussels (Belgium). The history of the village of Veulen differs from the other villages of the Provence of Limburg. For almost 600 years Veulen has been an enclave in the County of Loon and after some time - when Loon was annexed - in the Principality of Liege. Veulen was part of (successively) the Duchy of Brabant and the Dutch Republic of the United Province. Nowadays Veulen is part of the Belgian municipality of Heers (click here to learn more about the village of Veulen).

During the feudal period Veulen was controlled by the Lord (or Lady) of Veulen who had his seat in the Castle of Veulen. The most famous Lord of Veulen was the legendary Count de Mercy d'Argenteau (1727-1794). He was the Austrian ambassador to the French Court of King Louis XV1 and was confidant of Queen Marie Antoinette. The last four years of his life he stayed frequently in the Castle of Veulen (click here for the previous owners of the castle since 1350 till 2000).

Since circa 1745 the Castle of Veulen has looked the same (click here for pictures of the castle). Before that time the outside of the castle is a mystery. There are probably medieval parts

(click here for the history of the castle).

The Castle of Veulen has been completely restored by the former owner. (click here to learn more about the restoration).

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